1. What are the entrance requirements for the programme?

Entrance requirements are detailed on the main page for the programmes.

2. What is the difference between the MSc in Financial Systems Engineering and the MSc Computational Finance?

The MSc in Financial Systems Engineering is an advanced masters course for students whose first degree is in computing or related fields. The course provides optional modules in financial computing topics, and it provides the opportunity to undertake a significant group software engineering project sponsored by a financial services company, allowing students to specialise in software systems engineering from a financial computing perspective. The course prepares students for senior technical roles in the IT and software development side of the financial computing industry. In contrast, the MSc Computational Finance is a conversion course for students whose first degree is not in computing. It prepares students for roles in the trading, investment and IT management side of the financial computing industry.

3. Can you send me a brochure/prospectus/information pack for the programme?

We do not send out a printed brochure or prospectus or information pack for the programme. All information about the programme is available online.

4. Can you send me an application for the programme?

Application materials and information are available here.

5. What are the fees for the programme?

Information about fees and costs are available here.

6. Can I enrol in the programme part-time?

The programme is designed for full-time study only and requires a full year to complete. The first 6 months are devoted to full-time study in taught modules, followed by a month of exams for the taught modules, and finishing with 5 months of full-time work in a group project.

7. Can I begin the programme in January or some other time in the middle of the year?

The programme has a single intake each September at the beginning of the academic year at UCL. It is not possible to start the programme at any other time.

8. Can I obtain a scholarship or assistantship or some other form of funding?

Information about financial assistance is available here. Regrettably there is little funding available for students in taught postgraduate programmes, and what funding does exist is very competitive. The department typically does not hire postgraduate students on research or teaching assistantships because the students need to work full-time on their studies for the programme.

9. What are the language requirements for the programme?

We strictly adhere to UCL's English Language Proficiency Requirements for postgraduate programmes, which are evaluated by UCL Registry and Academic Services.

10. When is the application deadline for the programme?

Applications must be received by 3 August to be considered for entry the following September, but submission by 1 April is strongly encouraged.

11. May I schedule an appointment with the course coordinator to discuss my qualifications and interest in the programme?

Unfortunately, due to the extremely high volume of applications received, it is impossible for the course coordinator to meet personally with each applicant.

12. I have the following qualifications: ... Will I be admitted to the programme?

We must see a fully completed application, including reference letters, transcript and statement of purpose, in order to make admissions decisions. We cannot make admissions decision based on brief information supplied by email.

This page was last modified on 01 Sep 2016.