26.04.2019 16:05 Age: 3 yrs

Distinguished Lecture by Professor Mark Harman: 'The Joys and Frustrations of Software Engineering' 2nd July 2019

In this talk I will discuss research and deployment work on source code analysis, testing and SBSE, which I have undertaken with many wonderful collaborators, colleagues and friends; my personal view on the joys of scientific research and the excitement of deployment, but also the frustrations of both. I think frustration is important and needs to be acknowledged, because it often leads to further insights and development and is, thereby, the root cause of future joys. I will allow plenty of time for questions and discussion. This talk is a version of the award plenary talk given at ICSE 2019.

Following the lecture, please join us in the Jeremy Bentham Room, Wilkins Building for a drinks reception to celebrate Mark being awarded the IEEE CS Harlan Mills award 2019.

Date And Time:

Tue, 2 July 2019
17:30 – 21:00 BST

University College London
G06, Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture, Roberts Building
Gower Street



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