RG 2011/2012

This page contains information about the reading group from 2011/2012. Below is list of past winners along with points for why they were awarded the prize.


PORG Winners:

Date Reader Reason
10/05/12 Efstathios Panayi  
  • making the material not familiar to most of the audience very accessible
  • answering questions in an exemplary and edifying manner
  • distilling an atypically large body of work into the essential information in a way that kept a non subject-specialist audience interested in a very unfamiliar topic

26/04/12 Desi Hristova  
  • Using slides with exemplary clarity
  • Bringing the topic to life and helping to foster and stimulate discussion
  • Recognising that it is important to set the context of the work in terms of the authors' backgrounds and the prevailing intellectual currents of the times in which the work was published

Past Sessions:

Date Title Reader
26/07/12 Fit4Life : The Design of a Persuasive Technology Promoting Healthy Behavior and Ideal Weight Andrei Decu
19/07/12 Climate Change: A Grand Software Challenge David Stefan
12/07/12 Genetic improvement of programs Bill Langdon
05/07/12 HUMIES (human competitive award at GECCO 2012) test talk on fault localization using GP Shin Yoo
28/06/12 Visit to Down House (no reading group)
21/06/12 The Thermodynamics of Confidentiality David Clark (presented by Pasquale Malacaria)
14/06/12 The challenge of designing scientific discovery games Shin Yoo
31/05/12 Testability Transformation Kiran Lakhotia
24/05/12 ADDiff: Semantic Differencing for Activity Diagrams Kelly Androutsopoulos
17/05/12 Power and politics in requirements engineering: embracing the dark side? Monde Kalumbilo
10/05/12 Flow Toxicity and Liquidity in a High Frequency World Efstathios Panayi (PORG Award)
03/05/12 Using an SMT Solver for Interactive Requirements Prioritization Alexandru Matei
26/04/12 No Silver Bullet Desi Hristova (PORG Award)
19/04/12 Diversity in smartphone usage Giovanni Quattrone
12/04/12 Programs, tests, and oracles: the foundations of testing revisited. Nadia Alshahwan
29/03/12 A Systematic Study of Automated Program Repair: Fixing 55 out of 105 bugs for $8 Each, (ICSE) 2012, to appear. Mark Harman
15/03/12 Evolutionary Improvement of Programs William Langdon
08/03/12 How to avoid a perfunctory sensitivity analysis Jian Ren
01/03/12 Automatically Finding Patches Using Genetic Programming Kiran Lakhotia
23/02/12 DAASE platform grant Mark Harman
09/02/12 A Rigorous Evaluation of Crossover and Mutation in Genetic Programming Yue Jia
06/12/11 The Current State and Future of Search Based Software Engineering Chris Smith
29/11/11 Composition of web services through genetic programming Mustafa Bozkurt
22/11/11 On-demand Feature Recommendations Derived from Mining Public Product Descriptions Shin Yoo
08/11/11 Context-Aware Recommender Systems Yuanyuan Zhang
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