RG 2012/2013

This page contains information about the UCL-SSE Reading Group 2012/2013. 

PORG Winners:

Date Reader Reason
28/08/13 Kiran Lakhotia  
  • combining a comprehensive overview of three ESEC/FSE 2013 papers
28/11/12 Kiran Lakhotia  
  • combining best practices from previous PORG winners
  • analysing the contributions/effort made by each of the authors of the paper
  • including a summary of what he liked about the paper and why

Past Sessions:

Date Title Reader
28/08/13 ESEC/FSE 2013 conference overview Kiran Lakhotia
21/08/13 No Reading Group
14/08/13 Cascading Verification: An Integrated Method for Domain-Specific Model Checking Fokion Zervoudakis
07/08/13 Guest Speaker: Gordon Fraser
24/07/13 Efficiency and Early Fault Detection with Lower and Higher Strength Combinatorial Interaction Testing Justyna Petke
17/07/13 GECCO Conference Special William Langdon
10/07/13 CHECK-THEN-ACT misuse of Java concurrent collections Haitao Dan
03/07/13 SSE Meeting
26/06/13 No Reading Group
19/06/13 Conflicts and opinion clashes in Wikipedia Taha Yasseri
12/05/13 Managing Non-functional Uncertainty via Model-Driven Adaptivity Federica Sarro
05/06/13 Sound Empirical Evidence in Software Testing Fan Wu
22/05/13 No Reading Group
15/05/13 No Reading Group
08/05/13 KLEE: Unassisted and Automatic Generation of High-Coverage Tests for Complex Systems Programs Syed Islam
24/04/13 No Reading Group
01/05/13 Cross-Entropy Based Testing David Clark
17/04/13 Estimating Mobile Application Energy Consumption Using Program Analysis Yue Jia
10/04/13 "Not My Bug!" and Other Reasons for Software Bug Report Reassignments Kiran Lakhotia
27/03/13 Guest speaker: Analysis and Testing of Concurrent Programs Zdenek Letko
20/03/13 Guest speaker: An Approach for Variability Management of Reliability Models in Software Product Lines Genaina Rodrigues
13/03/13 Testing Software Product Lines Kelly Androutsopoulos
06/03/13 Doodle Around the World: Online Scheduling Behavior Reflects Cultural Differences in Time Perception and Group Decision-Making Giovanni Quattrone
20/02/13 Distilling GeneChips with Genetic Programming on the Emerald GPU supercomputer William Langdon
06/02/13 On the Value of User Preferences in Search-Based Software Engineering: A Case Study in Software Product Lines David Stefan
23/01/13 DART: directed automated random testing Kiran Lakhotia
09/01/13 Interaction-Based Test-Suite Minimization, Dale Blue, Itai Segall, Rachel Tzoref-Brill, Aviad Zlotnick International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE'13) Justyna Petke
19/12/12 No Reading Group SSE Christmas Dinner
12/12/12 Experimental Program Analysis Video talk
05/12/12 How do software architects consider non-functional requirements: An exploratory study Yuanyuan Zhang
28/11/12 It’s not a Bug, it’s a Feature: On the Data Quality of Bug Databases Kiran Lakhotia
21/11/12 The GISMOE challenge: Constructing the Pareto Program Surface Using Genetic Programming to Find Better Programs Mark Harman
14/11/12 Introduction to SAT solving Justyna Petke
07/11/12 Intelligence without representation Shin Yoo



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