The Software Systems Engineering Group, which was formally set up in 1999, is a constituent part of the University College London, Department of Computer Science (UCL-CS). The group investigates engineering principles, methods, notations, infrastructures and tools for distributed and mobile software systems, which are often large and complex. The group focuses on: the real-world goals for, services provided by, and constraints on such systems; the precise specification of system structure and behaviour, and the implementation of these specifications; the activities required in order to develop an assurance that the specifications and real-world goals have been met; the evolution of such systems over time and across system families. It is also concerned with the processes, methods and tools for the development of software intensive systems in an economic and timely manner. 

The Group contributes to: 

  • CREST, Centre for Research on Evolution, Search and Testing at UCL
  • UCL Research Computing, UCL's interdisciplinary network to facilitate distributed scientific computation,
  • CoMPLEX, UCL's Centre for Maths and Physics in the Life Sciences and EXperimental Biology, 
  • UCL Centre for Systems Engineering, an interdisciplinary centre with interests in the development of complex technologically from heterogeneous systems. 
  • UCL Centre for Digital Humanities brings together people from a wide range of disciplines to develop research and teaching in a vibrant multidisciplinary field.

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