Active Projects

The SSE group currently leads several national and international research projects and participates in many more. A current list can be found in the navigation bar next to this page. In 2011 we have active research grants worth more than GBP 5.5 million. Our main funding sources are the UK research councils, with EPSRC being the most prominent funder, the EU IST programme, the Department of Trade and Industry and direct research contracts from Industry and UK charities. 

Investigators, research staff and students that are members of the research group often participate in more than one project that are in the area areas of research and each project has an academic member of staff who is scientifically responsible for the conduct of the project as the principal investigator.

The group is strongly committed to UCL's tradition of inter-disciplinary work and embarks on joint research projects with chemists, earth scientists, mathmaticians, biologists and clinical researchers at UCL and beyond.

This page was last modified on 18 Oct 2013.