Schema Update Impact Tool Environment (SUITE)

The SUITE project develops techniques for analyzing the impact that relational schema changes have on applications that use object-relational mappings and native language queries. We use meta modelling to identify the data that needs to be obtained using static analysis from database, object-relational mapping and object-oriented application programs. We use static analysis algorithms to extract potentially relevant data from these sources. An implementation of these techniques is available in the SUITE environment. SUITE relies on the Soot framework for static analysis and CrocoPat for efficient execution of relational programs. We evaluate both quality and performance of the SUITE environment using versions of a database schema and an application from the bio-informatics domain.

Principal Investigator

Prof. Wolfgang Emmerich


Andy Maule


The studentship for this project in the amount of GBP 60,000 has been granted by Microsoft Research Cambridge.

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