Workshop at NeSC

Workshop: Managing Scientific Workflows with OMII-BPEL

The Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute has integrated a suite of middleware software in support of service-oriented grid computing. In addition to the Apache web service stack the OMII distribution also includes Taverna and OMII-BPEL, two components for managing scientific workflows. The aim of this workshop is to aid the adoption of OMII-BPEL, which is included in the OMII distribution in support of long-running and large-scale scientific workflows.

We have agreed with the National e-Science Centre in Edinburgh to hold a workshop to assist projects with an interest in adopting BPEL for their scientific workflow management needs.

The program of the event will include a half-day tutorial that explains BPEL 2.0. We will then show through a worked example how a scientific workflow can be edited, deployed, executed and monitored with the OMII-BPEL environment. On the second day we will assist participants in modelling, deploying and enacting the workflows of their own projects.

Thus during the workshop we will produce workflows for real e-Science projects, which will we will include as exemplars on the OMII-BPEL web site for future reference where appropriate.


  • 24-25 April 2007


  • <link>National e-Science Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland</link>


  • Will be handled by the <link>National e-Science Centre</link>. Workshop attendance will be free of charge.
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